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Your Expertise Is Your Key to Financial Freedom

This might be news to you, but... YOU are your biggest asset.

The experiences you have accumulated throughout your life and the knowledge that you have can be a huge asset to other people who need guidance and training in their own journeys—and they're willing to pay for it.

I know this because I’ve helped tens of thousands of people start online businesses and build additional income streams by teaching and sharing their knowledge using the platform I co-founded, Kajabi.

They're building their personal brands as coaches, authors, trainers, speakers influencers, thought leaders...

And creating life-changing businesses selling courses, books, memberships, seminars, and more.

In doing so, these online entrepreneurs have been able to quit their jobs, pay off debts, and spend more time with their families doing what they love.

These are people from every background and every niche—from nutrition, lifestyle, business, personal development, and more. Even ones you wouldn't believe, like horse ballet and pet photography! 
So what do all the most successful trainers, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, authors & coaches have in common?
That was the central question I asked myself.  I wanted to better understand the key to their growth so I could help others replicate their paths.

So I studied their success. I interviewed and talked with many of the most successful customers on Kajabi. I looked at their businesses and what they were doing to create amazing products, grow their followers and customers, and scale their systems to generate sustainable and repeatable growth.

And I consolidated everything I learned into one book...

Introducing You Inc.

The Step-By-Step Blueprint For Turning Your Knowledge Into A Profitable Online Business

You Inc. is a life-changing guide that brings together insights, lessons, and strategies that can launch you into an exciting opportunity of turning what you know into a business. 

It's a step-by-step formula and system for defining your messaging, helping people with your advice and how-to information, and building a business around YOU.

It's for the total beginners with a passion, expertise, or knowledge looking to position themselves as coaches, experts, influencers, thought leaders, or speakers.

And it's for the expert looking to scale what they already do so they can find more success out of their business.

Because what I teach in the You Inc. book are the A-Z actionable steps anyone can use to build and grow a sustainable business around your personal story.
If you want to build a personal brand and sell courses, coaching, and memberships...
This is how you start.
What’s in your brain is a special gift and your best business asset. Sharing your gift can change not only your life but the lives of everyone you reach, no matter what your passion or topic is.

The world needs more positive people sharing their experience and helping others improve their lives.

You can be that voice.

It's your time to become a highly-paid expert on your area, selling courses, seminars, online marketing, and this book—that I'm giving away for free today— is that roadmap that will show you how.
Get Your Free Copy of You Inc.
Simply tell me your shipping details and I will a send a FREE copy of the You Inc. book to you anywhere in the US (WHILE SUPPLIES LAST)

Here's What You'll Learn Inside Your Free Copy of You Inc.

Understanding Knowledge Capital
With online learning set to become a $350 billion dollar industry by 2025, knowledge capital is a new reality that offers amazing opportunities for success.  It's your time to start a BUSINESS around your passions and skills—not a side project—but a business.
Building Your Brand
Your experiences and knowledge in life is your best asset.  I'm going to teach you how to leverage what you know and position yourself as an expert and an authority inside of your industry.

The Four P's Framework
The 4 P’s is a formula that’s going to help narrow down your particular niche. You might have an idea already of what you should be teaching, but I’m going to help you take it a step further and get really targeted.

Creating Your Course
I’ll walk you through how to build out and structure your course so that it’s solving a problem for your customers and it gives tremendous value. Not every course is built equally, and I’m going to reveal what are the most valuable ones.

Finding Your Audience
Finding your ideal target audience is critical to launching a successful course. I’ll teach you how to narrow down and find your audience —the people who need your training most—and how to create huge demand for your course.
Building Repeatable Systems
I’ll teach you who to repeatable, automatic systems for selling your course, so you can generate consistent, passive income. The  are the same systems that the top 1% of online entrepreneurs are using scale their businesses today!

Praise for You Inc.

"Travis Rosser's voice is clear, honest, humble and informative throughout, laced with practical examples that show how to use what you know to be an online success. The book outlines the steps to success that YOU can take, because in the end, each person has something they know and can share that will help another and from which they can make a living. Get your highlighter out, too, because this is an actual blueprint to follow. This book is a must for everyone who wants to use their knowledge to live an authentic life that harnesses their skills, passions, and purpose.

—Scarlett Heinbuch, PhD, author of Waking Up To Love

"This book not only tells the inspirational story of the cofounder of Kajabi, it also gives you practical steps to take to create your own educational content. It includes inspirational stories of average everyday people who wanted to monetize their knowledge and make a difference in this world."

—Dr. Duc Vuong, weight loss surgeon & YouTube creator

"You Inc. sheds light on the magnificent truth that YOU are the business. Bringing the wealth of your knowledge to light is the most amazing realization that I have had as an entrepreneur, and makes me want to send a copy to everyone I know. This book not only shows you how to become a successful e-learning entrepreneur, but it is written by the man himself who built the most incredible e-learning course building platform on the planet, Kajabi. Travis is profound, genuine, authentic and sincere. GET AND GIFT his book!"

—Nathan Minnehan, author of STITCH, The Artisan Entrepreneur

About Travis Rosser

Travis Rosser co-founded a platform called Kajabi in 2010 that gives people the tools to turn their expertise and knowledge into a profitable online business. To date, over 25,000 people have launched their own online business and generated over $1 billion in revenue using Kajabi. 

Travis is passionate about helping people find the entrepreneur inside themselves, redefine themselves as experts, and start their online businesses—and he's put everything he's learned inside the You Inc. book.
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